Carry on Language

Cabin Crew: About COL

At Carry On Language, expect to cover a lot of geography and become verbally agile while doing so. Your linguistic landscape will be dotted with “ah ha” high ground. You will maneuver around nit-picky grammar points and negotiate subtle language dips and curves that were previously numbing. At the same time, you will reach plateaus and valleys, but only temporarily so. The scenic route is worth will sound and look fantastic!

As time-sensitive, accessible learning tools, Carry On Language products are as portable or as stationary as you are, but they won’t do it in isolation. To get the most out of your mobile language lab, plan to supplement our materials with a textbook, other self-teaching or learn-on-your-own written publications, websites, software, classes or even a tutor.

What’s in store for you?
More languages. More content.

The Carry On Language development team is a worldwide network of like-minded collaborators. Drawing from our diverse multi-lingual and multi-cultural backgrounds, we have the capabilities to produce other country-appropriate instructional and personal interest materials for your learning pleasure. We’ll be adding new destinations and cultural sidebars to your linguistic journeys.

In the near term, our efforts could be on any of the following (in alphabetical order): Arabic, Catalan, Finnish, French (Canadian and Continental), German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Swedish, Turkish, etc. Is there a language program you’d like to see us include here? If so, please .