Carry on Language

Course Headings: Podcasts

Carry On Language podcasts are chock-full of just the words, phrases and idiomatic expressions you need and want to know. Our hearty instruction style packs a lot in each 10-minute episode. We get to the point, reinforcing a concept with relevant regional or national flavor. To enhance your learning experience and quickly improve your overall communication skills, you can purchase supplemental study guides for a nominal charge.

With each session, you scale up to more complex and sophisticated grammar structures and concepts. The podcasts build upon one another, so work through them in sequence. You won’t get lost if you jump around a bit; just know we might have already made a key point in a earlier lesson.

Our unique learning methodology corresponds to our condensed, flexible format. The segments are designed for brief windows of opportunity that you have throughout the day. Listen to the podcast once in each of the suggested ways. Don’t feel compelled to find an uninterrupted half-hour only to rush through all three learning levels in one sitting. You can easily break up one session into three separate “passes.” In fact, you may find that you retain more from a particular learning level at certain times of the day than others.

This challenging approach won’t suit everybody, but if practiced as intended, these proven techniques and strategies will get you the results you seek. Why wait until you are buckled in? Start learning before your trip! With your laptop, iPod®, iPad® or phone along, you can do so anywhere, anytime.