Carry on Language

Checklist: How to Learn

Being successful at anything involves creating and sticking to a pattern that works for you. To help you get the most out of Carry On Language, we encourage a loose framework around which to learn and have fun. This includes repetitions, focusing on technique and a few acquisition tips:

P    A    N    O    R    A    M    A.
First. Listen to the entire podcast all the way through. No stops and starts. Get a feel for the content. As guided, picture yourself interacting in real life on the topic. Don’t worry about verbally responding; just absorb the context, rhythm, pronunciation and inflection. Gradually lean into it a bit more, paying attention to the different sounds and how you yourself might produce them.

W                i                d                e                –                A                n                g                l                e.
Second. Listen actively and repeat as prompted. Pause the ‘cast, as needed. In your responses, do not expect to get everything right on the first go. Loosen up. “Sense” the words in your mouth and visualize their sounds as you say them.


Third. Listen attentively, without pausing the podcast. Be alert to anything that might have gotten by you the first two passes. :) Here in your responses, focus on what you’re trying to communicate. Think content and intonation. Use clean, crisp (not exaggerated) pronunciation specific to the language. Enunciate; don’t “eat” letters or shortchange a word by trailing off. Relax and be yourself. Make whatever you are saying sound like you mean it. Hint: You’ll come across as convincing, confident and interesting, which all invite dialogue.

Now, use it on a native! Don’t be shy. And remember that language goes beyond the verbal. Incorporate consistent gestures, tone, smiles and appropriate physical distance in your delivery. Be genuine. Thank your listener for any corrections.

See how easy that was! Ready for another lesson?