Carry on Language

Thou shalt embark: Travel

In addition to extensive travel throughout the United States and Canada, including residing in many states, the founder of Carry on Language has also visited, lived in or traveled multiple times to 50 countries. As you might have guessed, travel is a major vice of Karen. So, where would she be without “The List:"

Baffin and Ellesmere Islands Baja California Botswana The Caribbean (more to take in) Door County, Wisconsin India Latvia Lithuania Malta Mongolia Morocco Namibia (gotta make it happen) Nebraska Oman Peru Sardinia The Azores The Seychelles

You get the picture. Anywhere she’s not been, she’s pretty much game to go. Or go again. Stay tuned as this list gets shorter...or longer.

Note: For the purists, “drive-thrus,” layovers or otherwise not getting in touch with a place for a reasonable amount of time means Karen’s not been there. She doesn’t travel for one-upmanship or to fill up her passport; rather, Ms. North sets off for the pure raw energy of cultural awakenings in the spirit of adventure.