Carry on Language

Wheels Up: Why learn with us?

Our aim is to give you useful and well-crafted resources to build and polish your language skills and be culturally on point. Carry On Language® sets you up with realistic expectations for a frictionless, fretless learning adventure.

Your Journey with Us:

Content — original, fresh

Pace — quick, respectful of your time, upbeat; engaging

Approach — concentrated; intense; succinct; semi-immersion

Language as Personal Metaphor — live, eat and breathe it

Coverage & Quality of Instruction — detailed, thorough; give you the exceptions to the rule

Big Picture —progressive; tuned in

Style — encouraging, engaging, champions of your success

Domain & Knowledge Base — spot-on accent; multinational pronunciation & grammar command; open

Price & Value — incremental, reasonable; low-risk

Making the Cut — varied professional work and personal experience and academically credentialed


Traditional Routes:

Content — stale & recycled; dry; dated

Pace — inconsistent (fly over the tricky stuff and languish/overstay their welcome on the easier concepts)

Approach — diluted, language “light;” insincere; too much English

Language as Personal Metaphor —their day job; on-the-clock

Coverage & Quality of Instruction — glosses over material; keeps the higher-level stuff from you, thinking you can’t handle it; incomplete

Big Picture — fluff & filler tactics; extraneous distractions; living off laurels

Style — impersonal; staged; distant; rote

Domain & Knowledge Base — heavily non-native to correct accents; focus on one region (ej. teach Latin American Spanish, while dismissing or ignoring conjugations and pronunciations of Spain)

Price & Value — up-front investment to break-the-bank cost; high-risk

Making the Cut — overly academic; isolated from your real world needs; out-of-touch programming